RTW 9 1/2 – Moscow to the Med…Starts Today!

JFK Sky Club Deck

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It’s an unseasonably blustery May afternoon here in New York City but by this time tomorrow I hope to be enjoying a sunny spring day in Moscow!

The weekend forecast for Moscow and St. Petersburg looks fantastic and I am excited to get my summer travel extravaganza underway.

I’m again joined on this trip by my good friend and regular summer travel buddy, Shannon, who will be with me for the first two weeks before flying home from Crete via Istanbul. Shannon and I are sitting here in the JFK Sky Club still trying to finalize a few itinerary details and book various hotels, rental cars and ferries (we did kind of plan this one on short notice).

There are still a few details to be worked out (especially on the latter half of the trip) but here’s the full itinerary as it stands now:

Stop #1 – Moscow, Russia

Stop #2 – St. Petersburg, Russia

Stop #3 – Riga, Latvia

Stop #4 – Vilnius, Lithuania

Stop #5 – Sardinia, Italy

Stop #6 – Corsica, France

Stop #7 – Crete, Greece

Stop #8 – Rhodes, Greece

Stop #9 – Symi, Greece

Stop #10 – Kos, Greece

Stop #11 – Bodrum, Turkey

Stop #12 – Izmir/Ephesus, Turkey

Stop #13 – Pammukale, Turkey

Stop #14 – Cappadocia, Turkey

Stop #15 – Istanbul, Turkey

And there you have it…a whirlwind 30 days from Moscow to the Mediterranean! With the exception of Istanbul, every one of these stops will be brand new to me. We’ll be departing from JFK in just a few hours…here’s to another amazing summer of travel!

Next stop, Moscow.