Photo of the Day – One Foot Island Post Office, Aitutaki

One Foot Island Post Office Aitutaki Cook Islands

With a vast, sparkling lagoon rivaling Bora Bora’s – but with a fraction of the visitors – Aitutaki just might be the world’s most beautifully-remote island. 

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Just a 45-minute flight from the main island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, Aitutaki and its surrounding 22 atolls served as the tropical backdrop for “Survivor: Cook Islands.” Encircled by a knee-high lagoon, One Foot Island Aitutaki (or Tapuaetai, “one footprint”) is both dreamily-exotic and nearly deserted.

But while it may look totally deserted, this tiny island paradise is home to one top attraction – a small hut containing the One Foot Island Post Office, one of the world’s most remote.

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One Foot Island Post Office Aitutaki Cook Islands
My favorite passport stamp! From the One Foot Island Post Office, Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Luckily, while in Rarotonga I’d heard about the post office from a fellow traveler so I knew to bring my passport on my day trip to Aitutaki. Otherwise, I might have missed out on the chance to get the footprint-shaped passport stamp that is my favorite stamp and a perfect memento of this tropical paradise. 

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