While there are indeed 30-day cruises, these posts don’t exactly fall under the 30-day category. But since many travelers love to cruise, my cruise posts deserved a page of their own.

I admit I’m not much of a cruiser. Yes, I’ve done a few of the typical Caribbean cruises but I generally don’t enjoy them as much as traveling to the islands on my own. However, I believe cruises are a terrific way to visit more remote places (like Antarctica or Namibia) or to explore a region where overland travel can be challenging (like Vietnam).

For example, my first visit to Vietnam on RTW #3 involved a 36-hour train ride I’d prefer to forget. More recently, my husband and I took an Asian cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore that allowed us to see far more of Vietnam than I had on my first trip and with far less hassle.

Now that’s what I call a win!

Here are some of my favorite cruise posts:

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