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Who plans a trip around the world?

Until recently, boundless globetrotting was largely limited to gap-year college students and the idle rich.

But in today’s electronic workplace, round-the-world (RTW) travel is no longer the sole domain of backpackers and billionaires. Simply put, it’s the single most efficient way to see the world and you don’t have to quit your job to do it.

In fact, if there was one tiny silver lining to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s that more people than ever now have the ability to work remotely.

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Why plan a trip around the world?

Career-minded professionals all over the world are squeezing globetrotting adventures into their everyday lives and so can you.

With the cost advantages of an around the world ticket, multiple destinations can be yours for little more than the price of just one. If you learn how to maximize that ticket, you can take the trip of a lifetime for less than you used to spend on a two-week trip to the beach.

Round the World in 30 Days: The Grown-Up’s Guide to Globetrotting” is your ultimate guide to planning a trip around the world easily and affordably!

It’s the career-friendly road map to planning your own trip of a lifetime around the world.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Drool-worthy sample itineraries
  • Interviews with gainfully employed globetrotters who have successfully navigated the murky career waters of extended leave from the office. They’ve made their travel dreams a reality and so can you!
  • Strategies for getting the time off and how to put even minuscule vacation time to meteoric use
  • How to decide who to travel with (and the case for traveling solo!)
  • An in-depth guide to booking your RTW ticket (either paid or with miles)
  • Business traveler bonus! How to use airline miles and hotel points to redeem your RTW dream!
  • How to travel light (with just a carry-on)
  • How to stay safe while traveling overseas
  • A complete resource guide
  • A comprehensive, month-by-month RTW planning checklist
  • And much, much more!
Trip Around the World

Use Airline Miles or Earn Them

If you’re a business traveler who’s been searching for the perfect use for all those airline miles and hotel points, this is your chance!

And if you’re not a frequent business traveler, but you’ve always coveted those luxurious road warrior perks like first-class upgrades and spacious hotel suites, this one trip could be your ticket to elite status with your favorite airline and hotel chain.

This fully updated 5th Edition for 2024 covers all the latest changes in the travel industry.

What readers are saying…

Jenny has clearly done her homework on Round-the-World (RTW) trips. This book has everything one would need in order to book and take their own trip of a lifetime. Plus, her light-hearted prose was enjoyable and made me want to take a trip WITH Jenny! Katie

I have long dreamed of planning an extended, round the world trip and this book is proof positive that it can be done by anyone! The author lays out many options for all lifestyles and budgets and it is filled with tips and tricks that only someone who has actually done it could know. My head is dancing with ideas and this guide has inspired me to take the next steps toward my own journey to see more of the world!  – Janice T.

This is a wealth of information from someone that has “been there, done that”. Jenny provides great insight drawn from her experiences
and leverages the experiences of several ‘globe-trotters’.  – Earl B.

I’ve been wanting to plan a RTW trip the responsible way – without quitting my job or going broke over it. This is the perfect guide to plan this adventure!! Very well written with practical advice. Great resource for the working professional who wants to see the world and still come back to your job. Thanks Jenny!! – Wanderlust

Ready, set…Globe!

I’ve been around the world 10 times and visited more than 175 countries. All while still maintaining a full-time career. And you can, too!

So, what are you waiting for? Is this the year you finally start tackling your Travel Bucket List?

Start planning your adventure today!

Note: In honor of the men and women who protect and defend the freedoms of globetrotters everywhere, a portion of the proceeds from this book benefits the Wounded Warrior Project.