Photo of the Day – San Fruttuoso Italy

Photo of the Day
Seaside monastery San Fruttuoso Italy

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No roads lead to this secluded Italian cove. In fact, the nearest parking is more than an hour away in Portofino.

But if you’re visiting the legendary Italian Riviera, you can hike or catch a boat from Camogli or Santa Margherita Ligure, (or take a ferry from Genoa while in port) and spend the day at this picturesque beach in San Fruttuoso, Italy.

While it is neither port nor resort, what this sandy spot lacks in facilities, it makes up for with two worthy attractions.

The first is an ancient Benedictine monastery, the other the Christ of the Abyss. The monastery holds the burial vaults of the aristocratic Doria family of Genoa. Before nature decided to add a beach to this mountainous coastline, boats moored directly under the monastery’s supporting arches.

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The Christ of the Abyss takes a little more work to reach. It’s a larger-than-life-size bronze statue situated a little offshore and 50ft under the sea that has become somewhat of a shrine for divers. In clear waters, it’s possible to see Christ’s outstretched arms raised toward the source of light from a glass-bottom boat, but for those who wish to stay on dry land, there’s a replica in the church next to the monastery.

San Fruttuoso Italy
The seaside monastery of San Fruttuoso, Italy


  1. Michelle Sainsbury says:

    Ahh yes, but let us not forget the little mom n pop restaurant on the side of the shore that is the real reason for going. While you relax in your swimsuit at checkered clothed table, they go out and pluck the bronzino right there out of the sea, cook it up properly while mama is in the back whipping up your pasta and pesto, and it is all washed down with a local prosecco that you cannot drink anywhere else as it simply does not travel – it looses its effervescence and, essentially, dies. You cannot have this meal anywhere else on earth. It is simple, real, delicious and comes from right there.

    1. Wow, Michelle, that sounds amazing!! I’m so sorry I missed that. I will definitely make a point to go back on my next trip specifically to have that meal. Thanks so much for sharing, those are just the kind of incredible local experiences that make travel so special!

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