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Photo of the Day – Novi Sad Serbia

Posted by on Jul 18, 2011 | 4 comments

Photo of the Day – Novi Sad Serbia

The Balkan nation’s second largest city, Novi Sad Serbia is the capital of the northern province of Vojvodina. Though just 70km from the busy streets of Belgrade, charming Novi Sad seems like a world away. I was lucky enough to visit the city today thanks to a wonderful friend I made on the crew of my Carnival cruise ship in April. Magdalena and her husband Milan from Serbia are home from the ship on holiday at the moment.  When I told her I was planning a visit to Serbia this summer, she gave me her contact info and today she and Milan were kind enough to make a 2-hr drive into Belgrade to meet me.

After walking the streets of Belgrade for a bit this morning, Magdalena suggested that Novi Sad was a much more beautiful part of the country and we should go there. Though it was another 2-hr drive away, I’d heard good things about Novi Sad and if they were willing to take me I was more than willing to go!  After a scenic drive through rolling farmlands filled with corn, peanuts and sunflower fields, we arrived in Novi Sad. We visited the focal point of the city, the Petrovaradin fortress, with sweeping views over the Danube River and old town below.

From there, we headed to the beach and it was the surprise of the day for me. I never pictured a beach scene like this one in Serbia – it was like South Beach meets the Danube. Thousands of beachgoers were out enjoying the sunshine on a Monday afternoon. We stopped in a beachside bar for a cold beer before moving on to our last stop, the Old Town, for dinner.

It was a fantastic day and I’m so grateful to Magdalena and Milan for showing me their country and being such terrific hosts.

Strand Beach Liberty Bridge Novi Sad Serbia

Strand Beach and the Liberty Bridge, Novi Sad Serbia


  1. Avatar

    thank you for writing nice things about my conutry!!!
    come again

    • Jenny

      You’re welcome! It’s a beautiful country and I hope to visit again someday.

  2. Avatar

    Please do inform your fellow americans in any way about Serbia proper. We got a negative image broadcasted of us during the 90’s from press wanting and seeking a “nazi” to justify bombing runs etc. As you witnessed we are hospitable, good and hard working. Best wishes!

    • Jenny

      I agree, Milos. Your country definitely gets a bad rap and most Americans would never think of it as a tourism destination. I hope that my post will change some minds. Serbia is a beautiful country full of good people. Thanks for your comments!


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