Photo of the Day – Queen Emma Bridge, Curacao

Queen Emma Bridge Willemstad Curacao

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Aside from a certain electric-blue liqueur, the island of Curacao is probably best known for its colorful, Dutch-inspired capital of Willemstad.

Connecting the two sides of this UNESCO World Heritage city is the Queen Emma Bridge which is better known as the “Pontoon Bridge” or even better (and my favorite), the “Swinging Old Lady.”

Built in 1888 and supported by 16 floating pontoon boats, the bridge swings open across Willemstad’s St. Anna Bay several times a day to allow ships to enter the port.

Queen Emma Bridge Willemstad Curacao
Queen Emma Bridge, Willemstad, Curacao

When the Queen Emma Bridge is open, a free ferry shuttles pedestrians from the Punda to the Otrobanda quarters of the city and back.

On my visits to Curacao I love watching the Swinging Old Lady sweep back and forth across the harbor.