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Mykonos Greece, Glorious Greece

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Mykonos Greece, Glorious Greece

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After a less than glamorous night in the Athens airport on the way from Rome, we landed on the beautiful island of Mykonos Greece a little after 7am. We were greeted at the airport by Marietta, owner of the same building where we rented a room last year. Unfortunately, our room was occupied the night before so we’d have to wait until 10:30am to get in and finally get a little rest. So, we decided to put on our “photographer hats” and make the most of the time by getting some early morning shots at the harbor (I mean, it’s not like we’re gonna be up this early again while we’re here).

Now, Mykonos Greece is known for its high-octane nightlife and, not surprisingly, lots of people were still out and about wandering the streets from the night before. I don’t understand these people. It’s 8am for goodness sake. I’ve been known to stay out dancing until the wee hours but I draw the line at sunrise. If the sun is coming up…it’s time for bed – I don’t care what time zone you’re in.

Marietta’s Mykonos

We killed a few hours taking pictures and then stopped in a café with wi-fi before heading back to Marietta’s to check in. Thankfully, it was finally ready as we were going on fumes at this point.

Our room was fantastic. When we stayed at Marietta’s Mykonos last year, we had a nice room for the three of us with a cute little balcony that we all squeezed onto each night for sunset. It did have a great view but space was at a premium.

On our first day last year, Marietta showed us the room above ours with a rooftop veranda to die for. Since the upstairs room only had two beds it wouldn’t have worked for us last year but with just two of us going this year, we knew for sure we wanted that room. It turned out to be just perfect. We could hardly tear ourselves away from the balcony, the view was so spectacular. I honestly think that room might well have the best view on the island. And at 120 euro a day, it was a steal.

Marietta's Mykonos Greece

Perfect views from the terrace of the top floor apartment at Marietta’s

By about noon we crashed and didn’t wake up until almost time for sunset. We watched our first of 3 perfect sunsets that evening and I demonstrated my new-found dedication to photography by “Spiderman-ing” it across 3 rooftops to get an even better angle. Not as dangerous as it sounds (yes, there are pictures) but it struck me as something only a “real” photographer would be crazy enough to try. Dena looked at me like I was crazy the first night but by night 3 she was out there, too (for the record).

After sunset, it was out to dinner and then on to our favorite Mykonos disco, Scandinavia Bar, where I’ve been going for more than 10 years now. It’s still owned by the same guy, my pal Stavros, but he brings in a new staff every season so it’s always fun to meet everyone.

Sunset Windmills Mykonos Greece

Our sunset view of the windmills

Beach, Eat, Dance, Sleep, Repeat

We spent most of the next two afternoons at the beach, followed by delicious Greek dinners and still more dancing. You’ve just got to love Mykonos. I’ve been coming here since 1998 (my very first trip overseas) and the island has always had a special place in my heart. It makes for just about the best “girl’s trip” on the planet. I am always sad to leave but it brings a smile to my face to know without a doubt that I’ll be back.

Next stop, Zurich.

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      Thank you for this post, Jenny and for the information you’ve given me. I’ve had a look at your Greece photos and they are stunning. No wonder you keep going back! 🙂

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