The Truth about Traveling with Jenny – a guest post by Dena

Over the years, many of you said to me, “I would love to know what it’s like to travel with you on one of your crazy, whirlwind trips.” Well, folks, it’s not easy…but it sure can be fun! To give you an inside look at what it’s really like to travel with me, I thought it might be fun to have my traveling buddy, Dena, write a “guest post” for the website to give her side of the story.

In the past year, Dena has been on two international trips with me visiting 5 different countries along the way. This past week, I subjected her to a “Week in the Life” of one of my month-long trips by creating an itinerary for HER vacation time that involved 4 countries in 10 days.

Though I suspect she was secretly hoping for a relaxing week on the beach in Greece, she was – as always – a trooper and gamely tagged along for an itinerary that included crazy ideas like purposely spending a night in the Athens airport (who knew we would also spend most of a night in the Atlanta airport?).

The ground rules for this “guest commentary?” None, really. I told Dena she could write as long as she wanted and on whatever subjects she wanted. The good, the bad and the ugly of our travels. I also promised not to edit her words (which involves a lot of trust in our friendship) so what you will read below is exactly as she sent it to me. I am thankful to have Dena as a friend and she is always welcome on any of my trips. I truly hope we will still be friends after I read what she has to say about me. Kidding, of course.

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The Truth About Traveling with Jenny

by Dena Everman

Apparently a lot of followers (Twitterers and others) want to know what it’s like to travel with Jenny. So, my good friend has asked me to write a “guest commentary” for her travel website.  She even promised not to edit…much.

I had the pleasure, last summer, to visit Mykonos and Athens, Greece, along with Paris, in a week-long jaunt with Jenny. This is when I first found out that I should invest in a good….no, no…wait…a GREAT pair of walking shoes. If you don’t think it’s possible to see Athens or Paris in a day, you haven’t been on a McIver Walking Tour! I was amazed at all we accomplished. Exhausted, but amazed!

This year I became a bit more adventurous in traveling with Jenny. I joined her for the first leg of her month long Europe Tour. We visited 4 countries in 10 days, which included 8 different flights. Whew…

As many of you know, Jenny is a marathon runner and is in great shape. I, on the other hand, am NOT a runner, of ANY type. I’m lucky to keep up with my 3-times-a-week Yoga ritual. But after last year’s vacation, I should have known to expand my workout regimen to include some sort of cardio. I didn’t. I will now…preparing for next year!

Contrary to popular belief, Jenny does get tired, but not from walking (that would be me). Jenny gets tired from lack of sleep or jet lag (that would be me, too). So, I savor these rare moments of relaxation and sleep to recoup for the next McIver Tour, knowing to strap on that great pair of walking shoes!

If walking isn’t feasible (which is rare for Jenny), public transportation is her preferred method of travel. She continues to amaze me with her ability to figure out all the systems…it’s not easy sometimes…and virtually impossible for me to figure out. Jenny knows I have no sense of direction, so even though she may talk out loud to figure things out, she knows she’ll get little or NO help from me! But she ALWAYS figures it out.

All kidding aside about Jenny’s marathon-like vacations, she has afforded me the opportunity to visit places I, otherwise, might never have seen. I am very grateful for the chances to travel with her. She is extremely travel-savvy and knowledgeable. Her City-In-A-Day McIver Walking Tours, if she charged me, are worth every penny!! It helps that we have a lot of the same interests, and she is always gracious enough to ask if there is something I’d like to include on her tours.

I feel that Jenny and I travel well together, enjoy each other’s company and have become great friends. I look forward to continuing my travels with her. As a matter of fact, we are already in the planning stages for next summer. But this will be a “2 Country Max” destination trip. I have to pace myself. 🙂


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