5 Best Milos Boat Tours for a Perfect Day at Sea

Kleftiko Milos Island Greece

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Inside: Looking for the BEST Milos boat tours? Whether you’re a snorkeler or just a sun-seeker, these top Milos boat trips are an idyllic day at sea.

It’s no secret that I love the Greek Islands. Like ALL of them. That’s especially true when it comes to the dazzling Cyclades Islands group that includes Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, and many more island gems.

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Within the Cyclades, the beautiful island gem of Milos has somehow remained mostly off the tourist radar. And that’s why it’s one of my all-time favorite Greek islands to visit.

From the lunar landscape of Sarakiniko Beach (I’ve never seen anything quite like it in Greece!) to the powder-white sea caves of Kleftiko, there’s plenty to love about mighty Milos.

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So why book a boat trip when you visit Milos?

Because some of the island’s most beautiful beaches and cliffs are only accessible by boat. So if you want to see the best of Milos, you need to get out on the water.

If you’re looking for the best Milos boat tours for an unforgettable experience on this stunning Greek island, you’ve come to the right place.

As a lover of all things Milos Island, I’m here to guide you through the top Milos boat trips.

Jenny and Dave at Kelftiko Caves Milos Boat Tours
With my husband Dave at Kleftiko

Whether it’s a day-long cruise on the shimmering Aegean Sea or a half-day kayak trip for swimming, these experiences will help you experience all the best Milos has to offer.

Don’t have time to read the whole post? My favorite Milos tour is the Small-Group Full-Day Cruise with Snorkelling and Lunch. It’s the perfect way to get out on the water and explore the most beautiful parts of the island’s stunning coastline.

But first, you may be wondering…

Do I need to book a tour when I visit Milos?

Need? No. Like most Greek islands, Milos can easily be explored on your own. It’s not difficult to get around the island, especially if you have your own wheels. However, to truly appreciate the dramatic beauty of the Milos coastline, a boat trip around the island is an absolute must.

And a visit to the Kleftiko caves is the #1 thing to do on Milos.

Exploring Milos with a Rental Car

For land-based exploring, you can easily rent a car and drive yourself around the island.

Renting a car on the island of Milos gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. Just keep in mind that parts of the island – like the popular Kleftiko cliffs and tiny Kleftiko Beach – are off-limits for rental cars due to road conditions. (Don’t worry, they’ll point those out on a map when you pick up the car!)

And, as my husband and I discovered, driving yourself around this less-developed Greek island does come with some (often humorous) challenges.

Say, for example, this one:

Driving on Milos Island Greece with goats
Hazards on the road in Milos

If you do choose to rent a car and explore Milos on your own (like we did), my favorite site for booking car rentals in Greece is DiscoverCars.com

MY Pick
Milos Greek Island Car Rental

Discover Cars

My favorite rental car booking site to use all over the world. No hidden costs, free cancellation, and 24/7 customer support.

Tip: If you’re hesitant to drive yourself while visiting Milos, be sure to book a boat trip that departs from the main port of Adamas. Even if you’re not staying in Adamas, it’s easy to get there from pretty much anywhere else on the island by bus or taxi.

Things to Know about All Milos Boat Tours

Like Greek ferries, Milos boat tours are always dependent on weather conditions. It’s not uncommon for rough seas to mean a total cancellation of all boat trips for the day.

Regardless of the sea conditions, I always recommend taking seasickness medication before embarking on any all-day boat trip.

It’s also worth noting that boat trip itineraries are subject to change without notice at the captain’s discretion. If sea conditions are rough on one side of the island, your trip could focus entirely on the other side of the island.

Safety is always the top priority so don’t be disappointed if your trip itinerary changes at the last minute. Any time you can get out on the water around Milos, it’s a great experience. So don’t sweat the small stuff.

The Top 5 Best Milos Boat Tours & Excursions

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. This list includes all of my favorite boat tour experiences in Milos. These tours have been handpicked for their value and unique ability to showcase the secluded spots that make Milos so special. 

Ready to spend a wonderful day exploring the blue waters around Milos? Let’s get started!

Duration: 8 hours

What’s Included: Snacks, lunch, alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) beverages, snorkeling equipment

🚫What’s Not Included: Hotel pick-up/drop-off, towels, and gratuities

This popular full-day sailing tour is the #1 boat tour on Milos with good reason. This day trip to Kleftiko Bay is truly all-inclusive, just bring your towel and sunscreen and the friendly, experienced crew will take care of the rest. They even have wifi on board and a GoPro camera to take photos they’ll email you later.

This boat trip departs from the main port in Adamas so there’s no driving involved if you’re staying in that area. Once on board, you’ll sail by traditional fishing villages like colorful Klima and the Cape Vani iron mine before making your first stop for swimming at Sykia Cave.

The next stop is the highlight of the day, the Kleftiko caves, where you’ll have plenty of time to swim and explore. This is also where the freshly cooked lunch is served. After lunch, the journey back to Adamas includes one more stop for swimming at Agios Dimitrios.

This Milos boat trip is my top pick because it’s an amazing experience and the best day ever on the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.  

Duration: 8-10 hours

What’s Included: Breakfast, Lunch, alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) beverages, and snorkeling equipment

🚫What’s Not Included: Hotel pick-up/drop-off, towels, and gratuities

This full day tour also departs from the main port in Adamas so it’s another great option if you don’t want to drive on Milos.

It differs from my first pick in a few important ways. First, this small-group Milos boat tour is aboard a Lagoon 400 catamaran. If you’re not familiar with boats, a catamaran can be a more stable ride than the monohull sailboat used in tour #1 (and most boat tours on Milos). If you’re prone to seasickness, this tour may be a better option for you.

This boat trip includes all of the stops on the first tour but doesn’t allow as much time for swimming at Kleftiko. However, that’s because this tour also makes a stop at stunning Gerakas Beach and Poliegos, the largest uninhabited island in the area, for a quick dip in Galazia Bay, known locally as the “Blue Lagoon.”

In a nutshell, this tour makes more stops but spends less time at each stop.

A tasty BBQ lunch is included as well as breakfast and plenty of drinks (are you sensing a theme?) so this tour gets bonus points for delicious food. And like the boat in the first tour, the catamaran also has Wifi if you can’t wait to share all those amazing pictures from your day at sea.

Duration: 5 hours

What’s Included: Snacks, alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) beverages, snorkeling equipment, underwater and drone images and videos

🚫What’s Not Included: Hotel pick-up/drop-off, towels, and gratuities

If you want to see Kleftiko but you’re short on time (or a full day boat trip isn’t your cup of tea) this half-day speedboat tour aboard “Volcano” is a great option. Like the others, it departs from Adamas so it’s easy to get to the meeting point without a car.

Since it’s a speedboat, it allows you to visit many of the stops on the full-day tours (including the main event, Kleftiko) in a shorter amount of time.

Unlike the full-day trips, this one does not include lunch (just snacks) so plan accordingly. However, it does have one extra cool feature, the crew uses both a GoPro and a drone to capture footage of your day. Those photos and videos are provided afterward as part of the tour package.

While this is a small boat, it’s not advertised as a “small-group” tour so don’t be surprised if every seat on the boat is full. Fortunately, you’ll spend more time in the water swimming than in the boat itself so it shouldn’t diminish your enjoyment of the trip.

4. Kayaking Tour to the Secrets of Milos

Kayak Tour Tsigrado Beach Milos Island Greece
Tsigrado Beach, Milos

Duration: 3.5 hours

What’s Included: Kayaks, lifejackets, waterproof bag, snorkeling mask, snacks, and water

🚫What’s Not Included: Hotel pick-up/drop-off, towels, and gratuities

If you like a more hands-on tour, this half-day kayaking trip could be right up your alley.

Note: This tour does NOT visit Kleftiko. But it’s perfect if you’ve already seen Kleftiko and want to spend more time on the water. For this tour, you will need to drive yourself (or take a bus or taxi) to the meeting point at Firiplaka Beach.

What I love about this kayak tour is that it visits two secluded beaches that are difficult (if not impossible) to reach any other way – Tsigrado Beach and Gerakas Beach. Ok, sure, it is possible to visit Tsigrado Beach from land but the only way involves navigating a narrow tunnel, a rope, and that dodgy ladder in the photo above…pass!

The other Milos boat tours typically just include a “pass by” of these two gorgeous spots. But with this kayak tour, you’ll get to stop for a swim and even get your toes in the sand. Not to mention explore some very cool caves with an experienced local guide.

Duration: 5 hours

What’s Included: Snacks, alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) beverages, cave exploration in a private tender

🚫What’s Not Included: Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off, towels, gratuities

You may find that none of the above Milos boat tours spend enough time in the places you most want to see. If that’s the case, this private boat tour is ideal for a romantic day at sea or a group of up to 8 friends or family traveling together.

Sometimes only a private tour will do and this half-day sailboat charter is the best way to see some of the best beaches, caves, and coves on Milos in 5 fun-filled hours.

The private tour is fully customizable and can include any of the stops on the boat tours above. You can even stop for a swim in the crystal clear turquoise waters at Gerakas Beach after you visit Kleftiko.

When you have a private boat and captain, you can cover a lot in just 5 hours and it’s one truly amazing day.

Wrapping up the Best Milos Boat Tours

So if you’re visiting Milos and looking for the perfect way to spend a day on the sparkling Aegean Sea, these are the best Milos boat tours to experience everything this incredible Greek island has to offer. 

Best Tours Milos Greece Greek Islands Boat Tours
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