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Photo of the Day – Place d’Armes, Luxembourg

Posted by on May 1, 2015 | 0 comments

Photo of the Day – Place d’Armes, Luxembourg

As the world’s only remaining “Grand Duchy” (a territory whose head of state is a grand duke or duchess), the tiny European nation of Luxembourg boasts an advanced economy and the world’s 2nd highest GDP per capita. Attractive corporate tax rates make Luxembourg home to several multinational corporations, but scenic Luxembourg City is more than just a financial hub. Originally serving as a parade ground for troops defending the city, today the Place d’Armes is the city’s central pedestrian hub lined with restaurants and outdoor cafes. During the summer months, this central square hums with activity hosting nightly concerts and attracting locals and visitors of all ages. The Palais Municipal, better known as the Cercle, is the square’s central focal point and the site of many of the city’s cultural events and celebrations.

Place d'Armes Luxembourg

Luxembourg City’s main square, Place d’Armes

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