Photo of the Day – Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck Austria

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While visiting Germany last week, I decided to take a drive down to check out the alpine ski resort town of Innsbruck, Austria.

The provincial capital of Tyrol, Innsbruck is Austria’s 5th largest city and the biggest ski resort in the Alps. In the 15th century, Innsbruck was a center of European politics and many of the late-medieval style buildings still remain in the heart of the city’s picturesque old town.

As an internationally-renowned winter sports center, Innsbruck has played host to both the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympic Games. To explore everything the city has to offer, book a room at the centrally-located Penz Hotel. The city’s first design hotel, this modern and luxurious property is situated in the heart of Old Town.

From the alpine views to the pastel-colored buildings lining the River Inn – a tributary of the Danube – Innsbruck Austria’s city center is well worth a visit before hitting the slopes.  

Innsbruck Austria
The Alpine ski resort of Innsbruck, Austria