Photo of the Day – Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica

Dunn's River Falls Jamaica

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Spanning a length of nearly 600 feet, Dunn’s River Falls is one of the Caribbean’s top attractions and a must-see for any visitor to Jamaica.

From its summit at 180 feet, tiers of cascading limestone meander down to the Caribbean Sea forming a natural staircase. The falls plunge in some places and plateau in others creating natural pools shaded by lush green vegetation on all sides.

At its base, Dunn’s River Falls flows across a beautiful beach and straight into the sea.

Climbing the falls is a popular activity for visitors to Jamaica. Guides instruct groups of climbers to hold hands for balance and several human chains at a time make the ascent from the beach all the way to the top.

Dunn's River Falls Jamaica
Visitors making the climb up Dunn’s River Falls

While proper footwear is essential on the often slippery rocks, the climb itself is easily manageable for most visitors. The entire climb takes about 90 minutes assuming a few stops for photos.

But for those not up to the task of scaling the waterfall, there are numerous paths alongside it that allow anyone to enjoy the view.