RTW 8 1/2 – The Himalayas Edition

This summer the destination is Asia, especially the Himalayas!

The highlights of the 2013 mid-year 30-day trip include a scenic flight over Mount Everest (as close as I ever need to get!), a high-altitude hike to Bhutan’s Tiger’s Nest Monastery and an incredible few days exploring Myanmar.

I am joined again by my regular summer travel buddy, Shannon, for the first half of the trip and my Aussie buddy Angela (of Antarctica trip fame) for the middle of the trip. The last week (including Tibet) I tackle on my own!

Here’s the full itinerary:

Beijing, China – Chengdu, China – Kathmandu, Nepal – Paro, Bhutan – Bangkok, Krabi & Khao Lak, Thailand –  Myanmar – Lhasa, Tibet – Hainan Island, China

Here are the full posts from the trip:

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