The 5 Best Naxos Beaches for Pure Greece Perfection

Best Beaches Naxos Greece

Inside: Looking for an idyllic Greek beach? The island of Naxos has you covered. Here are the 5 best Naxos beaches for a perfect beach day in Greece.

When it comes to the world’s most beautiful beaches, it’s hard to top the Greek Islands. 

And the gorgeous island of Naxos gets my vote if you’re looking for the best Greek island for sandy, uncrowded beaches. Naxos is hands-down one of my favorite Greek islands and the island’s superb beaches are a big reason why. 

As the largest island of the Cyclades archipelago, Naxos is a symphony of ancient ruins, mountainous landscapes, white-washed towns, and yes…postcard-perfect beaches.

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While almost all Greek islands have a few lovely beaches, Naxos is blessed with some real stunners.

From secluded small coves to long sandy beaches lined with seaside tavernas, you’ll find plenty of options for enjoying the azure beauty of the Aegean Sea.

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Bonus? Most of these Naxos beaches have actual sand. Not the pebbles (ouch) of so many Greek beaches. 

Bonus #2? The beaches of Naxos are also one of the best places in Greece to enjoy water sports like windsurfing or sailing in the summer months.

So if you’re visiting Naxos now (or planning a trip there soon) hitting the beach is one of the best things to do.

The 5 BEST Naxos Beaches

Most of the very best beaches on Naxos are located south of Naxos Town along the western side of the island. Here are my top picks for the best Naxos beaches to spend a lazy afternoon:

1. Plaka Beach

Plaka Beach Naxos Best Beaches
Plaka Beach, Naxos

Best For: Everyone & anyone (but especially families).

Facilities: Sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, beachside restaurants, and cafes.

Parking: Plenty of places to park your rental car along the road (but no specific parking lot).

Atmosphere: Relaxed and family-oriented.

Plaka Beach is one of the best long stretches of golden sand in all of Greece. It’s also the most popular beach on Naxos and it’s easy to see why. Even during the high season months of July and August, there’s plenty of room to find a quiet spot to call your own on this 4km long beach (and yes, it’s a sandy beach!). 

Plaka Beach is like a slice of paradise with its long stretch of fine, golden sand and crystal-clear waters. It’s a hit with families, thanks to its shallow waters and ample space for kids to play.

Part of the beach is well-organized with sun beds and tavernas and other parts are without facilities. Plaka Beach is also one of the best beaches on Naxos for water sports facilities. 

What makes Plaka Beach one of the best Naxos beaches?

The combination of beauty, convenience, and a family-friendly vibe. Whether you’re building sandcastles with your little ones or enjoying a peaceful walk along the long sandy beach, Plaka Beach is a perfect day out for the whole family.

Best Hotels Near Plaka Beach

My favorite Naxos hotels nearby are Seaside Naxos Holiday Villas and (if you’re looking for a splurge) the Naxian on the Beach. Traveling on a budget? It’s hard to beat the Amodari Studios on the Beach.

2. Agios Prokopios Beach

Agios Prokopios Beach Naxos Greece
Agios Prokopios Beach, Naxos

Best For: Anyone looking for a lively beach scene.

Facilities: Sunbeds, umbrellas, water sports, bars, and restaurants.

Parking: Available, but can be scarce during peak times.

Atmosphere: Beach club vibes.

Located just 5 kilometers from Naxos Town, between Agia Anna and Agios Georgios, this is the island’s most famous beach. It’s also the easiest to get to by bus (if you don’t rent a car).

Agios Prokopios is famous for its calm, clear blue water and vibrant atmosphere, especially during the peak season months of July and August. It’s the perfect spot to soak in the sun, enjoy water sports, and have easy access to beach bars and tavernas.

For groups of friends or couples looking for a mix of relaxation and a social vibe, Agios Prokopios is a great choice.

If you’re looking for the liveliest spot, the southern end of the beach is the place for beach bars and watersports. If you want a more peaceful beach day, stick to the quieter northwestern end, near the chapel.

Nearby, there’s also a pink salt lake where you can spot birds and other wildlife (the pink contrast to the island’s white and blue is a fun photo op!). Behind the sand dunes is a small village with cafes, hotels, and mini-markets.

Agios Prokopios is not just one of the best Naxos beaches, it’s also a great home base for exploring Naxos. 

Best Hotels Near Agios Prokopios Beach

Looking for a splurge? Try the beachfront, impeccably designed Virtu Suites. The 18 Grapes Boutique Hotel is another lovely luxury option. For a more budget-friendly beachfront hotel, try the Liana Beach Hotel & Spa or the Iliada Villas

3. Aliko Beach (Alyko Beach)

Alyko Beach Naxos Greece
Alyko Beach, Naxos

Best For: Nature lovers, couples, and those seeking a quiet retreat.

Facilities: None (bring whatever you need with you).

Parking: Available a short walk from the beach.

Atmosphere: Tranquil and uncrowded.

This one gets my vote for the most unique beach on Naxos. Located on the island’s southwest coast, Aliko Beach is actually a cluster of 4 separate beaches fringed by a cedar forest nature reserve. 

The four beaches are collectively called Aliko Beach but, specifically, the other three are named Hawaii Beach, Kedros (the Greek word for cedar), and Mikrolimano. It’s worth noting that due to its secluded nature, Kedros Beach is also popular with “naturists” so don’t be surprised if you spot some full-exposure-sunbathing in the area.

But there’s more to Aliko Beach than just the sandy coves, cedar trees, and rocky coastline.

Nearby, there’s an old abandoned hotel that was never finished and it’s become a bit of a graffiti gallery. And honestly, I felt like wandering through it to check out the art was worth the trip alone! (But the beaches are pretty stunning, too.)

If you’re looking to disconnect and enjoy nature in its purest form, this is the best Naxos beach for you. For families with small kids, I might skip this one.

And while there are no facilities like lounge chairs or cafes, there is a handy little food truck nearby (along the dirt road) serving up some pretty tasty tacos.  

Best Hotels Near Aliko Beach

There are no hotels directly on Aliko Beach (which is a big part of its charm) but the best option close by is Faros Villa.

4. Agios Georgios Beach (Saint George Beach)

Agios Georgios Beach Naxos Greece
Agios Georgios Beach, Naxos

Best For: Families with young children or anyone staying in Naxos Town.

Facilities: Everything you need for a day at the beach.

Parking: Available but limited.

Atmosphere: The “in-town” beach so it’s typically pretty crowded.

The most family-friendly beach on the island, this one is also the closest beach to town so it’s hard to beat for convenience if you’re staying in Naxos Town.

For the kiddos, you’ll find calm, shallow waters here that are safe for all ages to enjoy. For the grown-ups, the Agios Georgios has plenty of casual tavernas and beach clubs. There are also plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. 

If you’ve always wanted to try windsurfing, Agios Georgios Beach is a great place for your first lesson. There’s a water sports center at the south end of the beach and the winds are ideal – just strong enough to learn but not strong enough to carry you out to sea!   

Best Hotels Near Agios Georgios Beach

Since this beach is walking distance from Naxos Town, there are plenty of terrific hotel options nearby. My top pick for luxury is the Nissaki Beach Hotel. Or, for a more mid-range option, try the Galaxy Hotel or the lovely Grotto Sognare apartment (where we stayed on our last visit).

5. Agia Anna Beach

Agia Anna Beach Naxos Greece
Agia Anna Beach, Naxos

Best For: Anyone looking for a Greek beach straight out of central casting.

Facilities: Beachside tavernas, sunbeds, umbrellas, the works.

Parking: Available, but limited.

Atmosphere: Lively yet not overwhelmingly crowded.

This spectacular beach on the west coast of Naxos is the perfect place to take a dip in calm, clear turquoise waters.

By Greek standards, this one is considered “fully organized” and you’ll find everything you need here for a perfect day at the beach. There’s no shortage of lively tavernas, cafes, shops, and cozy resorts nearby to unwind after a day at the beach.

Located just south of Agios Prokopios (and walking distance away), Agia Anna has a traditional Greek feel. There’s even a charming little port at its south end with tiny wooden fishing boats.

Like Agios Prokopios, there’s a lively atmosphere here in this picturesque setting. But it’s typically less crowded than its popular neighbor, so it’s a bit more peaceful. Be sure to pop in one of the traditional tavernas serving delicious Greek food right by the sea. 

Agia Anna is your go-to for a perfect beach day.

Best Hotels Near Agia Anna Beach

Two of my favorite Agia Anna resorts are Majo Suites Hotel and the Iria Beach Art Hotel.

6. (BONUS!) Mikri Vigla

OK, I just couldn’t leave this lovely beach off the list. A haven for wind and kite surfers due to its strong winds, this beach is ideal for serious water sports. But with golden sands lapped by clear waters, it’s also the perfect quiet spot to relax and unwind. 

The southern part of Mikri Vigla Beach is a more protected area from the north wind. It also has clear waters and fine sand so it’s a great spot for swimming and sunbathing, too. If you’re up for some adventure or just want to watch the kite surfers in action, Mikri Vigla is your spot.

My favorite hotel near Mikri Vigla Beach is the Orkos Beach Hotel. There are also some pretty awesome villas for rent in this area like Studios Kontos.

Get out on the water with a catamaran day trip!

If all this beach-hopping has you dying to get out and explore more of those lovely crystalline waters around Naxos, there’s no better way than with this Catamaran Full-Day Cruise around Naxos with Lunch.

This trip is a full day (about 7 hours) out on the water with plenty of stops for swimming, snorkeling, and exploring some of the island’s best sandy coves. It also includes lunch and beverages (including the adult kind!) which makes it one of my favorite day trips.

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And there you have it! 

My list of all the best beaches of Naxos for natural beauty, sandy shores, and crystal clear waters. 

Each of the best Naxos beaches has its own unique charm, catering to different types of visitors. Whether you’re looking for family fun, a great beach bar, or a romantic retreat Naxos has the perfect beach for you!

But wait, let’s talk about Paros…

I mean, as long as you’re already in the neighborhood, it’s worth mentioning that the incredible island of Paros is just a short, inexpensive ferry ride away.

And guess what? Paros has some pretty spectacular beaches, too. And a chic seaside fishing village. And romantic Santorini-like resorts (think hot tubs) for half of what you’d pay on Santorini.

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If you’re trying to decide between the two, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to.

It’s quick and easy to spend a few days on both. But if you only have time for one, this might help you decide:

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