RTW 6 1/2 – The Balkans Edition

The 2011 mid-year edition of my travels – a 30-day trip around the Balkans (mostly).

This summer focused primarily on the Balkans region but I also found time to run the Mont Blanc Marathon and take a Mediterranean cruise on the way over! The marathon turned out to be an even bigger mistake than the Marrakech Marathon on Round-the-World #3 but the cruise around the Med was delightful. I was joined again by my travel buddy Shannon for the cruise and the first few stops in the Balkans.

The highlight of the month was definitely exploring all six of the Balkan republics that made up the former Yugoslavia. Another milestone, I hit the 100 country mark when I arrived in Bulgaria!

Here’s the full itinerary:

Chamonix, France (the Mont Blanc Marathon) – Barcelona (a 7-day Mediterranean cruise) – Mykonos, Greece – Kotor, Montenegro – Dubrovnik, Croatia – Ljubljana, Slovenia – Corfu – Sarande, Albania – Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina – Belgrade & Novi Sad, Serbia – Skopje, Macedonia – Sofia, Bulgaria – Brasov, Romania.

Here are the full posts from the trip:

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