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RTW 5 1/2 – The Oceania Edition

RTW 5 ½ – The Oceania Edition

Posted by on Jul 17, 2010 | 0 comments

RTW 5 ½ – The Oceania Edition

I remember when travelling around the world once a year was enough to satisfy my wanderlust. Those were simpler times…and certainly less expensive ones. But last year’s mid-summer European adventure was enough to convince me that maybe there’s room in my schedule – and my travel budget – for two, month-long trips each year.

My first choice for this summer’s trip was actually Europe. A week in Greece with the girls and then perhaps an apartment in Paris for a few weeks before heading back to the hectic football season schedule that awaits in September. But with summer fares to Europe holding fast in the $1,200 neighborhood and Greek protests threatening to spoil my fun even if I did splurge for a flight, dreams of Europe quickly faded.  Sigh…

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