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RTW #7: Lounges, Retreats & Biz Class Seats

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The 2012 Round the World Trip Itinerary


Easter Island – Santiago – Malta – Mauritius – Réunion – Abu Dhabi

Maldives – Sri Lanka – Koh Samui – Bangkok – Hong Kong – Macau

Melbourne – Tasmania – Vanuatu – Auckland – Queenstown


Photo of the Day – The Unglamorous Side of RTW Travel

Stop #1          The Mystery of Easter Island

Stop #2          In Malta, There’s a Reason for Every Season

Stop #3          Mauritius: Lions, Beaches & Peaks…oh my!

Stop #4          The Garden Island of Réunion

Stop #5          24 Hours in Abu Dhabi

Stop #6          Heaven on Sand…The Magnificent Maldives

Stop #7           Sri Lanka: As Peace Prevails, Tourism Thrives

Stop #8           Koh Samui: Thailand’s Next Great Tourism Star

Stop #9           Everything’s Better in Bangkok

Stop #10         High-Octane Hong Kong & Mild-Mannered Macau

Stop #11         Marvelous Melbourne: Australia’s Second City

Stop #12         A Devil of a Time in Tasmania

Stop #13         Vibrant, Vivacious, Vanuatu: The Happiest Country in the World

Stop #14         Queenstown, NZ: Kiwi King of Alpine Adventure

Lounges, Retreats & Business-Class Seats: A Wrap-up of My Most Luxurious Trip Yet!