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RTW #6: Here Today, Guam Tomorrow

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The 2011 Round the World Trip Itinerary


Chile – Uruguay – Cyprus – Laos – Bangkok – Borneo – Brunei

The Philippines – Palau – Guam – New Zealand

The Cook Islands – Moorea – Cabo


Stop #1        De-Icing in Chile

Stop #2       America’s Southernmost Capital:  Montevideo, Uruguay

Stop #3       Cyprus:  Aphrodite’s Divided Isle

Stop #4       Destined for Laos

Stop #5       Two Massages, a Fish Spa & a Pharmacy:  An Ode to Bangkok’s Khao San Rd

Stop #6       Monkey Business in Borneo

Stop #7       The Micro-Nation of Brunei

Stop #8       Underwater in the Philippines

Stop #9        Wowed by Palau

Stop #10     Here Today, Guam Tomorrow

Stop #11      Always Perfect Auckland

Stop #12      The Cook Islands:  Tahiti Without the French

Stop #13       Needing More of Moorea

Stop #14       A Whale Tale from Cabo

Wrapping Up RTW #6