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RTW #2: From Thin Air to Down Under

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The 2007 Round the World Trip Itinerary


Peru – Croatia – South Africa – Thailand – China

Australia – New Zealand – Fiji


My 2nd Annual Round the World in 30 Days Trip Begins Today!

Stop #1       Into Thin Air – Cuzco, Peru

Stop #2       Machu Picchu at Last!

Stop #3       Back to Sea Level – Lima, Peru

Stop #4       Dubrovnik – Pearl of the Adriatic

Stop #5       Back to Africa – Cape Town, Part Deux

Stop #6       Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

Stop #7       Sleeping thru Shanghai

Stop #8       Australia Day in Sydney

Stop #9       New Zealand:  Adventures from the Bottom of the World

Stop #10     New Zealand Part Two: Bridge Climb, Auckland

Stop #11     Just me in Fiji