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Photo of the Day – Pangaimotu Island Tonga

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Photo of the Day – Pangaimotu Island Tonga

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You won’t find big hotels on the South Pacific’s last remaining monarchy but you will find the big Tongan smiles that make the people of this island nation the real draw. With coral-dotted pristine beaches and the most spectacular blowholes in the South Pacific, Tonga’s natural beauty inspires. If you find yourself on the island on a Sunday, attend church services with your local hosts for a Tongan cultural experience not to be missed. Later, hop a ferry offshore to Pangaimotu Island Tonga for an afternoon of sun and sand – it’s one of the few places you’ll find food and libation as the rest of Tonga closes for business on Sundays.

Pangaimotu Island Tonga

The Pangaimotu Island Resort, Tonga

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