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Photo of the Day – Karon Beach Phuket

Posted by on Apr 2, 2013 | 0 comments

Photo of the Day – Karon Beach Phuket

It was my last night in Phuket, Thailand after four days of fighting the Chinese New Year holiday crowds. Not exactly the secluded island paradise I was hoping for…but I probably should have known better than to head to this popular Thai island over the busiest Asian holiday weekend of the year. I blame myself. Crowded beaches, tour boats and roads meant very few moments of tropical serenity during my stay but just before I headed to the airport on that final night, I sipped a glass of wine while watching one last sunset…and it was a stunner. Not all sunsets are created equal, of course, and this one over Karon Beach Phuket started out fairly ordinary before transforming into perhaps one of the best I’ve ever seen. Low-lying clouds captured the retreating sun’s orange glow setting the entire sky ablaze. It was one perfect moment in an otherwise chaotic weekend and it reminded me why I keep coming back to Thailand again and again. It never disappoints.

Sunset Karon Beach Phuket Thailand

Sunset view over Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand

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