Photo of the Day – Hong Island, Krabi Thailand

Photo of the Day
Hong Island Krabi Thailand

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Set against the spectacular backdrop of Phang Nga Bay, the four small islands that make up the Koh Hong group are widely considered to be some of the area’s most beautiful. A part of the National Marine Park, the largest of the four islands is the superbly-scenic Hong Island. This uninhabited island features soaring limestone cliffs and a vast interior lagoon (the “chamber” from whence its Thai name, “Hong” originates). The deep emerald green of the lagoon is accessed through a dramatic cliff passage and best explored by kayak or longtail boat. And don’t forget to bring a few slices of bread to feed the schools of tropical fish that will eagerly eat right out of your hand just a few steps from shore. The closest beach to reach the islands is Klong Muang, where I stayed recently. A longtail boat from this quiet beach will have you stepping off the dock onto Hong Island in just under 30 minutes. But if you want to capture this image you’ll have to go early (we arrived a little after 8:00am) as tour boats begin to show up in force from 10am and continue throughout the day.

Hong Island Krabi Thailand
Hong Island, Krabi Province Thailand