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Photo of the Day – Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Posted by on Nov 2, 2011 | 0 comments

Photo of the Day – Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Historically known as Byzantium and Constantinople, Istanbul is the only city in the world situated on two continents. The Bosphorus divides the city – western half in Europe and eastern half in Asia. One of the city’s most iconic structures, the Hagia Sophia Istanbul dates from Byzantine times. For more than a thousand years, it stood as the world’s largest cathedral before being converted into a mosque and later, a museum. Just across from Hagia Sophia is the magnificent Sultan Ahmed Mosque, popularly known as the Blue Mosque. Round out your day with a visit to the opulent Topkapi Palace and you’ll have seen some of Istanbul’s most impressive sights. Even in the winter, Istanbul is one of Europe’s (and Asia’s) most delightful cities.

Hagia Sophia Istanbul Turkey

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

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