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Photo of the Day – Flamingo Beach Aruba

Posted by on Aug 12, 2011 | 2 comments

Photo of the Day – Flamingo Beach Aruba

I flew out of Curacao this morning for one final night on Aruba before heading home to Atlanta tomorrow. Since I’m back at the Renaissance, where better to spend my last day but on Renaissance Island hanging with the pink-feathered residents of Flamingo Beach Aruba. The best thing about these flamingos is that they seem completely unfazed by the humans lounging around on their beach. It reminds me of some of my other favorite animal encounters around the world like the penguins of Boulders Beach in South Africa or the jellyfish of Jellyfish Lake in Palau (kind of makes you want to plan a trip around the world, doesn’t it?). It’s been a terrific week exploring the Caribbean’s ABC islands and I hope to get back to these amazing islands very soon!

Flamingo Beach Aruba

The flamingos of Flamingo Beach, Aruba


  1. Avatar

    I am visiting your Island in February 2017 and would love to see the flamingos. Is there a beach we can see them or do you have to stay at a certain hotel. We will be on a cruise so our time is limited.

    • Jenny

      Hi Sherry! The flamingos are on Renaissance Island which is part of the Renaissance hotel in town. The only way to access the island is by the hotel’s private boat. I believe they do sell day passes but they are expensive (if the price was low enough, you might consider just booking a room for the day!). The plus side is the limited access means the beach is practically empty, plenty of empty lounge chairs and flamingos to entertain you. Not the typical crowded beach experience you get with many cruise day trip beaches. If there’s not anything else you were dying to see in Aruba I think it would make for a lovely shore day despite the price (I think it used to be $99, not sure if that price is still the same or whether that’s per-person or could be for a group). I’d recommend reaching out to the hotel directly to see what the options are. Hope you get to make it over there, it was definitely my favorite experience in Aruba!

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