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Here Today, Guam Tomorrow

Posted by on Feb 4, 2011 | 0 comments

Here Today, Guam Tomorrow

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Because of its proximity to the International Date Line, the island of Guam is the first US territory to greet each new day inspiring its slogan “where America’s Day begins.”

But before arriving in Guam, my flight from Palau made an interesting stop on the island of Yap. I’d not heard of Yap but let me tell you, what seemed like the entire royal family boarded the flight draped in crowns of flowers and leis. Still not sure if all the flowers meant they were A) a wedding party B) the actual royal family or C) just making an everyday Yap fashion statement.

As the Yap passengers boarded, one flower-draped islander turned to the other behind him and snapped a photo rattling off a string of words I didn’t understand followed by one that I did, “Facebook.”

Yes folks, even Yap is on Facebook. (Mark Zuckerberg, you deserve every single one of those billions of dollars.)

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