Photo of the Day – Carlisle Bay Barbados

Photo of the Day
Carlisle Bay Barbados

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Well, it’s Day 5 of the 10th annual edition of “Where in the World is Matt Lauer” and Matt has clearly gotten on board with the RTWin30days “Tropical Fridays” theme! For the last stop on his 2011 tour, Lauer turned up on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados this morning. The easternmost island in the Lesser Antilles, Barbados is just 166 square miles but it’s one of the most developed of Caribbean nations. With wide smiles and a high standard of living, the friendly islanders are just as memorable to visitors as the magnificent white sand beaches like Carlisle Bay Barbados. The island is considered the birthplace of rum and its most famous export is Mount Gay Rum, the oldest rum brand in existence. A tour of the distillery is a must when visiting the island. Big thanks to Matt Lauer and the Today Show for another great week of travel inspiration…Namibia is now “on the list!”

Carlisle Bay Barbados
Carlisle Bay Beach, Barbados