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Photo of the Day – Stone Bridge Skopje, Macedonia

Posted by on Apr 17, 2012 | 2 comments

Photo of the Day – Stone Bridge Skopje, Macedonia

My first impression as I walked across the Stone Bridge Skopje last summer was that the entire town was a construction zone. And I wasn’t far off. Macedonia’s largest city and home to one third of the country’s population is undergoing what you might call a Renaissance. Located in the center of the Balkans, about halfway between Belgrade and Athens, Skopje is currently expanding in all directions at a frenetic pace thanks to the “Skopje 2014” project. The massive, 500 million-euro, government renovation of the capital aims to give it a more monumental appearance by erecting fountains, bridges, museums and – most notably – giant statues of national heroes throughout the town center. A controversial project due to its great expense, some residents claim the project has turned the once-quiet town into a theme park of nationalistic kitsch. The jury’s still out on what the finished product will look like by 2014 but, for now, it’s safe to say that Skopje is a work in progress.

Stone Bridge Skopje Macedonia

The Stone Bridge – Skopje, Macedonia



  1. 10-15-2013

    Dear Jenny,

    I visit Skopje in September 2013 and I have had one of the best times ever. It is true that the town center is with new buildings in different architecture styles. There is so much history in the town, The Old Bazar, The Fortress Kale, The Stone bridge, The monastery Pantelejmon etc. Also, the new buildings are so far away from kitsch… But what I like the most is the great wine, the delicious food, the modest service and the beautiful women:).

    I am defenitely going back to Skopje and Ohrid.

    • Jenny

      Thanks for the update on Skopje, George! Nice to hear the construction is winding down and that you enjoyed the city. Hopefully I’ll get to go back some day and see it without construction cranes. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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