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Photo of the Day – Pleneau Bay Antarctica

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Photo of the Day – Pleneau Bay Antarctica

On Day 6 of my Antarctic Expedition, a zodiac cruise through the “Iceberg Graveyard” at Pleneau Bay Antarctica turned out to be my favorite stop of the entire trip. We took to the zodiacs and glided silently among iceberg sculptures the size of city blocks, each a stunning work of art more impressive than the last. Adding to the adventure, the risk of a potential calving at any moment without warning. And as if skyscraper-like, startling-blue icebergs weren’t visually stunning enough, the humpback whales soon came out to play. A humpback whale would tease us above the surface before diving for up to 7 minutes and emerging on the other side of an iceberg. It was like humpback-hide-and-seek and I could’ve played all day. But the most dramatic moment came near the end of our cruise.

A whale glided so close to our zodiac we could practically reach out and touch him and just as he was about to show his flume (the money shot in whale photography) the iceberg next to us calved! The deafening sound of splintering ice as it crashed into the turbid sea diverted everyone’s attention as we audibly gasped, hardly knowing where to look. It was all so exciting – whales diving, icebergs calving, it’s an Antarctic wonderland! I realized in an instant that this was exactly what the Antarctic experience was all about. This is why people brave the elements to come here. I was absolutely spellbound and it’s a day I will never forget.

Pleneau Bay Antarctica

A zodiac cruise though the Iceberg Graveyard is one of Antarctica’s most spectacular sights

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